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Open a company in Estonia

An individual who wants to open a company in Estonia can get a unique opportunity to provide his company with access to the European market of his products or services. In addition, it ensures the most effective investment of funds and has access to relocation to the developed state belonging to the European Union. The advantage of this is the loyalty of local authorities to attract foreign businessmen to their territory. The country has an excellent infrastructure and special business programmes aimed at developing small and medium-sized businesses. For positive taxpayers, tax conditions are reviewed periodically.

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General principles of company formation in Estonia

Estonian law does not restrict foreigners to conduct business. In this case, they have the same rights as the local population. To be more precise, non-residents in a country have access to concessional loans, subsidies and other material and financial assistance. Thus, comparing the conduct of business in Estonia and domestic conditions, it can be said that it is more favorable and attractive. The almost complete absence of bureaucracy is another advantage that characterizes the finished business in Estonia. For example, tax checks here are carried out by e-mail correspondence.

Process and price of business registration

The simplest way to register a company in Estonia is by remote access. This can be done electronically in 3-4 hours if you have a special ID card. In case of refusal of such registration to obtain a license through a notary. It will take no more than 3 days to perform these manipulations. Estonian authorities say that you can register a new company in Estonia online for 20 minutes.

Procedure of company formation in Estonia

An attempt to register a large or small business in Estonia consists of several stages, which must be performed in a certain order.  On the specialized site in the Commercial Register registration actions are carried out, for the performance of which there is no charge. Notary services are paid according to its traffic. He checks the company‚Äôs founding documents, personal information of the owners, checks the payment of the state fee for registration actions (145 euros), studies the charter and memorandum of the future organization. After verifying the conformity of the documentation with the established norms, enter a record of the company in the business register. Registration actions in the tax register. If the company uses less than EUR 16,000 for one calculation year, it is exempt from VAT. All employees are recorded in the Health Insurance Fund (alternative to health insurance). Direct licensing, allowing to conduct business on the territory of the Republic of Estonia.

Who can apply for company formation

The conditions concerning the registration of own business or the acquisition and re-registration of existing ones are the same for Estonians and non-residents of the country. However, they could not speak Estonian. Therefore, no problems of understanding are foreseen.


Similar conditions apply to the provision of the documentation package. The only time you need to know Estonian is when you apply for permanent residence. In this case, the applicant will have to pass an examination in the official language.


He is not required to understand complex technical phrases, and verifiers require that the foreigner be able to explain freely in the normal life situation, no more. Any foreigner who has no problem with the law, does not work as an official or intelligence officer of another state may apply for registration of his own company.

Document requirements for company formation in Estonia

The applicant must draw up a competent business plan of the company. In which, in addition to the name of the organization, the following information is entered business idea of the planned activity, possible potential clients, suppliers, detailed development plan and other nuances of the activity, commercial forecast for the first two years of operation, biography of citizens allowed to run the company and commercial feasibility of possible relocation to the country for those seeking business permits. The list of documents required to open a business in Estonia includes a number of applications, information concerning the applicant and several certificates: applying for or extending a residence permit, passport,  documentation of investments in the economy and their size, full commercial plan, certificate confirming other legal income of the applicant, health insurance policy and copy of the receipt confirming payment of the state fee. The time period required for consideration of the application is not specified, but based on the feedback of people facing this process, everything is formalized within 4-5 days.